Monday roundup

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Here’s a quick look at what’s coming up this week:

  • In BUS 100-01 this week, we’ll look at business communication and start discussing business formation.
  • In BUS 100-80 we’ll discuss business communication.
  • In BUS 263-01, we’ll review on Tuesday and have the first test on Thursday.
  • In BUS 263-80, we’ll discuss constitutional law.
  • In PRL 101, we’ll discuss court systems and Alternative Dispute resolution on Tuesday and review for the first test on Thursday.

Monday roundup

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Here’s what’s happening this week:

In BUS 100-80 (Introduction to business online) and BUS 263-80 (Legal & social environment of business online), we’re moving from Blackboard’s blog tool to the discussion forum as a result of user interface problems. You should have gotten an email from me about the change last week. In BUS 263-80, we’ll be looking at ethics this week, and in BUS 100-80, we’ll be looking at business law.

In BUS 100-01 (f2f), we’ll be spending the week looking at a topic near and dear to my heart, business law. We’ll be looking at contracts and torts on Tuesday and more on torts and intellectual property on Thursday.

In BUS 263-01 (f2f),  we’ll be discussing the US Constitution. We’ll look at powers granted to Congress on Tuesday and limits on state action on Thursday.

In PRL 101, don’t forget that the final, graded version of your first brief assignment is due tomorrow. We’ll talk about technology on Tuesday and the US Constitution on Thursday.

Have a good week!

PRL 101: Webb v. Webb

Given that the final version of the first brief assignment is due tomorrow, you all should have already saved a copy of the case for use in revising your drafts. However, I’ve just been made aware of a problem with our Fastcase login,  so while I figure out what’s going on (and how to fix it!), I’ll post a copy of the case here  for your convenience: