PRL 101 research assignment

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Use Fastcase to find the answers to the questions in the research assignment. Because part of what you need to learn in this class is efficient workflow, do not print out the document and write the answers by hand. Instead, download the document, rename it with a filename that includes your own last name, and type the answers into the document itself. Do not print until you have completed the assignment and are ready to turn it in. We will work on this assignment in class on October 1, and it is due at the beginning of class on October 6.

You can download a guide to Fastcase Legal Research for Paralegals (again, in the interest of efficient workflow, do not print the guide; refer to it on screen using the Table of Contents and search function to find what you need), and tutorials to explaining how to use Fastcase are available at In particular, you will need the following tutorials:

BUS 263-01 makeup test

  • Tuesday, Sept. 29
  • Good for up to half the points you missed on the test.
  • Subjects:
    • Arbitration
    • Legal v. equitable remedies
    • Constitution
    • Court system

PRL 101 complaint assignment

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As you know, a complaint is the document that starts a civil lawsuit. The pleading standard for a complaint is that it must be a “short, plain statement” of the case that is sufficient to give the defendant notice of what is at stake in the lawsuit. Read the assignment below for a summary of the facts and allegations in the case, and then use the complaint form to create a complaint to be filed in the Circuit Court for Tuscaloosa County. You can also refer to the sample complaint for a general idea of what a complaint should look like. The complaint should make general allegations necessary to satisfy the elements of the claim, but it should not include every fact that will be proved at trial.

Job Opportunities Sept. 18 & 19

From my inbox this morning (N.B.: I have no connection with this organization and have no information as to their credibility. Use this information at your own discretion):

Good morning! We have several job opportunities open this weekend at the Alabama vs. Ole Miss game. I am hoping that you all can possibly help find business students that are interested in working. We are hiring brand ambassadors to represent several major brands at promotional marketing campaigns. We are getting down to the wire and need all the help we can get! We greatly appreciate any help you can provide or if you have any advice on where we could find staff, we are open to any and all ideas.

I have pasted the job information for each event below and attached a flyer if that is easier to distribute (please note the application instructions include specific email addresses for each campaign.

Please let us know if this is something that you can assist us with and let us know if you have any questions at all. Thank you so much in advance!

Event 1: Brand Ambassadors – Restaurant Promotion at ESPN GameDay
Friday, September 18th | University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa | 8am – 2pm
Saturday, September 19th | University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa | 6:30am – 11am
Event Description:
Brand Ambassadors will encourage football fans to create custom signs to hold up during the broadcast, distribute samples, and encourage fans to participate in a social media campaign. Staff must be super energetic and enthusiastic, have an overall interest in sports/fitness and/or college football, and have a positive, fun-loving attitude!
Pay Rate:
To Apply:
Email with your name, phone number, work history, and subject line must read “GameDay_Tuscaloosa”

Event 2: Brand Ambassadors – Insurance Brand
September 19th – 12pm – 8pm
Event Description:
Brand Ambassadors will represent a leading insurance agency at the Alabama tailgate and will interact with football fans, relay key brand messaging, distribute premiums and collect leads. Sales and/or lead generation experience a huge plus! Staff must highly dependable, professional and have excellent communication skills!
Pay Rate:
To Apply:
Email with your name, phone number, work history, and subject line should read “Insurance_Tuscaloosa.”

Event 3: Brand Ambassadors – Automotive Brand
September 19th – 3:15pm – 8:15pm
Event Description:
Brand ambassadors will promote an automotive brand’s sponsorship with NCAA Football and will interact with college football fans and assist with fan surveys, games and activities (Plinko, football, toss, etc.), and distribute branded premiums and promotional materials.
Pay Rate:
To Apply:
Email with your name, phone number, work history, and subject line should read “Automotive Event_Tuscaloosa.”