Typography resources

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In class last night, I mentioned Matthew Butterick’s Practical Typography website. It has a wealth of useful information about creating effective, professional-looking documents (including research papers, résumés and presentations) and practical tips for type composition and page layout (including how to make a signature block that won’t break awkwardly across pages).

I’ve also created a quick-reference table of useful special characters and spaces. I’ve set it as both a single column on 8.5 × 11 paper and as two tables for a 4 × 6 index card:

PRL 101 Will assignment SP15

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Read the following assignment and use the will form provided to create a will for the client. Be sure to add a self-proving affidavit that complies with Alabama law to the end so that the will is self-proving and will therefore be more easily probated.

How to study

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I get questions from students about how to study on a regular basis. Two important techniques are spaced repetition and active recall. I’ve added a page describing both of these techniques as well as the Pomodoro Technique. You can follow the link in this post or the permalink in the header at the top of the screen.