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PRL 101 online bankruptcy assignment

First, watch the Bankruptcy Basics video series from the Administrative Office of the US Courts (there are 9 videos; they should take you around half an hour to watch). Next, start at the US Courts’ Court Locator and answer the following questions about bankruptcy filings in Tuscaloosa to be turned in at the beginning of class on Tuesday, November 25:

PRL 101 Complaint assignment, Fall 2014

As you know, a complaint is the document that starts a civil lawsuit. The pleading standard for a complaint is that it must be a “short, plain statement” of the case that is sufficient to give the defendant notice of what is at stake in the lawsuit. Read the assignment below for a summary of the facts and allegations in the case, and then use the complaint form to create a complaint to be filed in the Circuit Court for Tuscaloosa County. You can also refer to the sample complaint for a general idea of what a complaint should look like. The complaint should make general allegations necessary to satisfy the elements of the claim, but it should not include every fact that will be proved at trial.