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Weekly round-up, February 16

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Happy Presidents’ Day everyone. Here’s what’s happening in class this week:

  • In BUS 100-01, we have our first test on Tuesday, and then on Thursday, we look at small businesses and entrepreneurship.
  • In BUS 100-80, We’ll look at small business and entrepreneurship.
  • In BUS 263-01, we’ll finish contract formation on Tuesday and then on Thursday we’ll start looking at contract performance, breach, and remedies.
  • In BUS 263-80, we’ll look at contract formation and contract remedies.
  • In PRL 101, we’ll look at civil litigation and criminal law and procedure. We’ll also get started on the draft of the complain assignment.

Presidents’ Day trivia: the official federal holiday is Washington’s Birthday, but never falls on Washington’s actual birthday; the holiday in Alabama is George Washington’s and Thomas Jefferson’s (but not Lincoln’s) Birthday, even though Jefferson was born in April.

Weekly round-up, Feb. 9

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Here’s what’s happening this week:

  • In BUS 100-01, we’ll finish business organizations on Tuesday and review for the test on Thursday.
  • In BUS 100-80, we’ll study business organizations.
  • In BUS 263-01, we’ll study criminal law on Tuesday and start contract law on Thursday.
  • In BUS 263-80, we’ll study criminal law.
  • In PRL 101, the final draft of Brief 1 is due at the beginning of class and then we’ll have our first test.