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PRL 101 slides & test review questions

Don’t forget that the final version of your will drafting assignment is due at the beginning of class next week. We’ll talk a little bit about will execution ceremonies and how to prepare the final draft for the client.

After the wills, we’ll have test 3, This time, the test will consist of 50 multiple choice definition questions like we saw in the review game. Following is a list of sample questions. See you next week, and get in touch if you have questions or need help before then.

Typography resources

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In class last night, I mentioned Matthew Butterick’s Practical Typography website. It has a wealth of useful information about creating effective, professional-looking documents (including research papers, résumés and presentations) and practical tips for type composition and page layout (including how to make a signature block that won’t break awkwardly across pages).

I’ve also created a quick-reference table of useful special characters and spaces. I’ve set it as both a single column on 8.5 × 11 paper and as two tables for a 4 × 6 index card:

PRL 101 Will assignment SP15

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Read the following assignment and use the will form provided to create a will for the client. Be sure to add a self-proving affidavit that complies with Alabama law to the end so that the will is self-proving and will therefore be more easily probated.

Weekly round-up, February 23

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Here’s what we’ll be doing in class this week:

  • In BUS 100-01, we’ll study small business and entrepreneurship on Tuesday and accounting on Thursday.
  • In BUS 100-80, It’s midterm week. Take your exam sometime between this Wednesday, February 25 and midnight next Tuesday, March 3.
  • In BUS 263-01, we’ll finish up contract breach and remedies on Tuesday and start on the UCC on Thursday.
  • In BUS 263-80, we’ll look at the UCC.
  • In PRL 101, I’ll give feedback on your complaint assignment drafts, we’ll discuss tort law, and then review for next week’s test.