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Test review

Here’s the sample question we worked on in class today. Don’t forget, the test will be Thursday, and you can expect four essay questions. I’ll provide space to write your answers on the test, so all you’ll need to bring is something to write with.

BUS263 test2 review spring 2012

Even more study tips

BUS 263-01 Test 1 opportunity

If you were in class today, you know that there were some issues with the first test. Here’s the opportunity I’m offering:

  • To be turned in at the beginning of class on Thursday, March 22 (two weeks from today), write a study plan for what you will do differently to prepare for the next test.
  • There are only 2 wrong answers:
    • “Nothing” (it didn’t work this time; it won’t work next time, either)
    • “Study More” (either you didn’t study, or you’re just going to do more of what didn’t work last time)
  • If you do better on the next test, that grade will replace this one

Next week is spring break, so have a good break, and I’ll see you week after next.

PRL 101 test 4 review

Download this file

Here are review questions for the test on Thursday, December 8. As with previous tests, you can expect 4 essay questions. Be sure to read the entire test before you begin, and to think and outline each question before you begin writing. Don’t forget to save time to proofread and edit before you turn in your test.