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PRL 101 attorney ads

Yesterday in class, we ran out of time to watch several advertisements for attorneys. As you watch these, remember the requirements of the Alabama Rules of Professional conduct:

  • Do not make material misrepresentations of fact or law
  • Do not create unjustified expectations about the result the lawyer can achieve
  • Do not imply that the lawyer can achieve results by means that the Rules of Professional Conduct or other law
  • Do not compare the quality of services with other lawyers

If the ad violates any of those rules, it is false and misleading, and a violation of the rules of professional conduct. For each ad, ask yourself the following:

  • Is it ethical?
  • What image does it portray?
  • Would you want to be associated with this firm? (What would you think if friends of family saw the ad and knew you worked for the firm?)

(Surprisingly, there are a whole bunch of ads on youtube for dog bite attorneys. Who knew it was a specialty?)