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PRL 101 slides & test review questions

Don’t forget that the final version of your will drafting assignment is due at the beginning of class next week. We’ll talk a little bit about will execution ceremonies and how to prepare the final draft for the client.

After the wills, we’ll have test 3, This time, the test will consist of 50 multiple choice definition questions like we saw in the review game. Following is a list of sample questions. See you next week, and get in touch if you have questions or need help before then.

PRL 101 test 3 vocabulary

Following is a vocabulary list for our upcoming test next week. You can expect that the test will include two essay tests worth 50% of the grade and 25 vocabulary questions from the following list, worth 2% each. The vocabulary questions will be some mix of multiple choice, matching, and fill-in-the-blank; I do not expect you to memorize and reproduce definitions verbatim. Be sure to review the essay writing slides I posted yesterday.

I’ll be out of the office on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, so if you have a question that needs a reply before early afternoon on next Thursday, please get in touch with me before early afternoon on Monday.


PRL 101 will assignment

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In class today, we’ll be drafting your will assignment. Use the following fact pattern and form to draft a will for the client. Be sure to add a self-proved affidavit to the will so that the witnesses will not have to testify as to the authenticity of the will when it is admitted to probate. You can find the Alabama form for a self-proved affidavit in the Alabama Code (Alabama Code > Wills and Decedents’ Estates > Probate Code)